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    mergefield Headers/Footers (2000)

    Hi all, can you place a mergefield in a Word header (or footer) and expect it to pull data from the Source file? ... on all pages? ... or just the first?

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    Re: mergefield Headers/Footers (2000)

    Yes, you can place a merge field in the page header or footer - select View | Header and Footer and insert the merge field the usual way.
    If you merge to letters, each record from the data source will be a separate section in the merged document. The header/footer of the first section will show values from the first record, that of the second sectionb will show values from the second record etc.
    If your letter consists of more than one page, you can use the Layout tab of File | Page Setup to control whether the first page of each letter (section) will have a different header and footer than subsequent pages.

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