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    Exporting to Text (Access 2003)

    I have a table I am exporting to a .txt file. It is comma delimited.
    My question is this...

    Why, when the number is fixed 4 in the table, is the number in the text file only giving 2 decimal places?
    Date format is another question. The table is set for Short Date, but in the file I am getting date and time.

    I have tried changing the fixed, auto decimal setting in the table. I get the same 2 decimal places in the
    output each time.

    Same for Date. I have tried different setting, but get the date / time each time in the output file.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Exporting to Text (Access 2003)

    You have to keep in mind that the Format property of a field in a table only determines how a field is displayed on-screen, not how the data are stored by Access. Normally, the export procedure only looks at the stored data, not at the way they are formatted. You can tick the "Save formatted" check box in the "Save As" dialog; this will preserve the display formats, but it will result in a file that cannot easily be used as a data file.

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