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    Event handling - column deletion (Excel 2000/2003)

    Is there an event (hopefully cancellable) that fires when someone deletes (or inserts) a column in a worksheet?

    I need to stop someone mucking up a macro I have that expects columns in the order I have set them, but I can't impose full-blown protection on the structure since I need to allow the user to make various other changes in the file!

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    Re: Event handling - column deletion (Excel 2000/2003)

    The Worksheet_Change event occurs when the user inserts or deletes a column, but it fires after the action has been completed, without an indication of what happened.

    In Excel 2002 and later, you can specify in detail what you want to allow/forbid in the Protect Sheet dialog - you could allow everything except Insert columns and Delete columns. Excel 2000, however, doesn't have this detailed dialog.

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