Can you help me with a weird problem? My Exchange mailbox is on our firm's Exchange Server and I access Outlook in two ways: from my local on-site office computer and also by logging into our "Terminal Server" using Windows Remote Desktop Connection and creating a Terminal Services session .

In addition to Personal Outlook Folders, all employees (mailbox users) have access to a group of Public Folders. I am the "owner" of several of the Public Folders, but cannot modify those folders when I am in Outlook on a Terminal Services session. I get an error message that I don't have permission to modify the folder. The Public Folder Properties show me as having only "Reviewer" status, and even through the screen lets me select and type "Owner" over "Reviewer", the change doesn't register.

I have no access/modification problems when accessing Public Folders I own in Outlook from local workstation, and from my local machine the Public Folder properties show me as the Owner.

I have an idea of the cause but don't know the solution. This problem started when I upgraded to Office 2007 on my local machine. Our Terminal Server is still running Office 2003. We need to keep Office 2003 on the Terminal Server for a number of reasons (other staff who are not ready to upgrade to 2007, a database application that won't work with Office 2007 (Deltk Award), etc.)

Any suggestions?