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    vb6 word com add in (vb 6)

    i create a command bar in microsoft word using vb com add in. when i click on the command button, a form will be displayed to allow user to input.
    but if i open new document and click on the button to create the form, the form should be depend on the new document. Now, i cant create the form is depend on the document.Any example to show me.i need help...

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    Re: vb6 word com add in (vb 6)

    I'm not sure on what exactly you are asking but I guess you want to know how to have a macro run automatically when a new document is created. If you name a macro with the title AutoNew() then it will run in this situation.
    <pre>Sub AutoNew()
    MsgBox "I run on new files only"
    End Sub</pre>

    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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