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    From the website...

    If you have ever wanted to know the differences between two images, imageDiff is the answer. There are a lot of tools out there for comparing text, whether it be source code files or office documents, but until now there hasn't been a good way to compare images.

    Have you ever<UL><LI>looked at two images and wondered if you are noticing all the differences in them?
    <LI>needed to know which file format is preserving your images the best?
    <LI>wanted to know how much a photograph has been changed when you compress it?
    <LI>needed to show someone the difference between two images, but found it difficult to explain in email?
    <LI>wondered whether someone else is using one of your images or just one that is similar? [/list]ImageDiff can do all of this for you, and more. Whether you are a professional game designer, digital artist, photographer, web designer or just use a lot of digital artwork, imageDiff can help you be more confident that you know exactly what you are looking at.

    Not only is imageDiff a great image comparison tool, it is available as both a standalone utility and integrated into our next generation source control and configuration management system

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    Re: imageDiff

    Thanks, Alan. Another app to "keep there".

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