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    Can text size of To/From be changed? (Outlook 2000)

    When I recently upgraded to Outlook 2000, I was able to change the font and size of everything in my Outlook interface *except* the To/From/Cc/Subject/Sent text, which is extremely tiny now. I do not find that particular "Item" listed in the drop-down box in my Desktop "Display Properties | Appearance" dialog box.

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    Re: Can text size of To/From be changed? (Outlook 2000)

    it's controlled by by the form - you'd need to create a custom form.

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    Re: Can text size of To/From be changed? (Outlook 2000)

    Ah . . . thanks. I see what you're saying, but that would be a lot of trouble and that form wouldn't automatically come up when I did a right click for a new message. What gets me, actually, is that this font size in Outlook 2000 is SO much smaller than it was in Outlook 98. I guess that's why I hoped I'd be able to change it like all the other "items" in the interface. There's no way, huh?

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