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    Outlook Contacts-Exporting (OL 2000)

    How do I Export my Outlook 2000 Contacts (Win95) so Outlook Express v5.5 (Win95) can Import them as a Personal Address Book.?

    Tried to Export OL2k Contacts as .CVS file but Exchange email addresses in OL2000 Contacts did not Import to OE 5.5.

    OE 5.5 wants to Import addresses as .WAB file, I did not see a menu item in OE 5.5 to make OL2k Contacts a .WAB file.


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    Re: Outlook Contacts-Exporting (OL 2000)

    if outlook is installed, i though you could import into oe from outlook. - use the other address book option in the OE address book file > import menu, it has options for outlok/exchange and tab delimited files

    otherwise the only way i know is to save from outlook as vcards and drop into OE's address book. once they are on your hard drive, you can mass-select vCards in explorer and drop them into the opened address book.

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