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    Vista Windows Mail cripple-ware? (Ultimate)

    Did I miss something in my impatience, or is it impossible to format replies to (at least some) e-mails.

    I'm new to Vista, now using Windows Mail. It has some great features, but I'd like to respond within some posts from a list. Since some posts don't have the little > indicator of quoted material, I wanted to distinguish my writings, either by italics or background color.

    I can appreciate responding to someone in a way their e-mailer can handle, but this is on a Yahoo! list where all kinds of formats come through. Maybe I shot myself in the foot for specifying "text" instead of "html"?

    And another thing... My Pegasus mail suppressed most embedded images (so I didn't have to look at those drawings and devices in the "enhancement" spams -- 8-17 times a day!). Is there anyway to suppress those instead of only those images residing on some webpage?

    Thanks for any suggestions, thoughts, etc.

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    Re: Vista Windows Mail cripple-ware? (Ultimate)

    First, I'd recommend that you go to Windows Live Mail Beta and get this software which will replace Windows Mail. Second, you can only do the formatting you want in HTML e-mail.
    Thrid, use the spam filter. Images are not downloaded for e-mail in the Junk folder.


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    Re: Vista Windows Mail cripple-ware? (Ultimate)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    The "text" setting means "plain text", i.e. no formatting!

    See Change Windows Mail security settings and click on 'Block images from appearing in e‑mail messages'.

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