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    A slightly different Vista/USB issue. (Ultimate)

    Background: I bought a new Dell Dimension, with Home Premium. Didn't like Home Premium, so immediately upgraded to Vista Ultimate (through Office Maxx, local. M/S and Office Maxx on-line had a Windows upgrade, so the local manager matched that price for a full upgrade package. I'm probably already drawing outside the lines from "ideal" from the "OEM included upgrade disk" which Dell quit including last April.)

    I plugged in my old USB (2.O) memory sticks and got "Found New Hardware" went through the regular routine, Insert the disk, let Vista search for a solution, "Device driver was NOT successfully installed." So, I got a PNY Optima Attache' (Vista ready). It had the same problem. The Device Manager showed "Device not configured correctly. (Code 1).

    I get the yellow question mark under Other Devices and USB 2.0 FD (implying, according to Dell, that the drivers are not installed correctly).

    PNY tech support says their drives are fine, no drivers necessary, check with M/S tech support. (I tried Windows communities and got great input, but no solutions, yet.)

    Apparently "Code 1" and "driver's not found" are unrelated issues in Vista? I tried all the usual suspects in solutions (and a couple unusual ones).

    I deleted INFCACHE.1 (which I understand sometimes holds on to erroneous settings).

    I set Vista to search C:Windows (AND subfolders [check box]) for drivers (alternatively C:Windowssystem32).

    I searched the registry and found an allusion to wpdfs.inf (which is apparently well hidden [Vista-hidden], but doesn't seem to help the problem when I tell Vista specifically to look in it.)

    I tried a Windows Vista Magazine registry tweak (after the entry actually appeared in EMDMgmt -- it wasn't there for a couple of early plug-ins. Perhaps I uninstalled from Device Manager? I don't know.)
    NTCurrentVersionEMDMgmt_??_USBSTOR#Disk&Ven_PNY&Pr od_USB_2.0_FD&Rev_2048#AA00000000001978&0#{53f5630 7-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b}USB20FD_3160073302 "
    "Change Device Status to 2, ReadSpeadKBs and WriteSpeed KBs to 1000."

    On two brief occasions, an option window DID show up there. One time, when I clicked on "open file" (other option was ReadyBoost) I managed to
    copy a few files to it, and assumed (hoped) that the problem had magically gone away (perhaps because I was now using a Vista ready device and Vista had
    "figured it out.") But, it went back to "New Hardware Found" the second time (closing the options window) and the "open file" or "ReadyBoost" haven't been seen since.

    I removed the CA-200 Teac card reader from the Device driver (and hadn't gotten it's drivers reloaded, so temporarily, physically unplugged it. I think it's a driver install-order problem, but we can get to that later, in another thread.)

    Finally I ran an sfc /scannow to make sure that all my drivers were in place.

    Now, when I plug in my PNY, I get a Code 28 ( The drivers for this device are not installed) in Device Manager. Trying every combination of driver installation (check my C:/windows + subdirectories, Windows Update, on-line solutions, etc.) hasn't been successful.

    Once again, "Thanks!," for any thoughts, tricks, tips, speculations, etc.


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    Re: A slightly different Vista/USB issue. (Ultimate)

    What you might try is to install the USB 2.0 drivers from the motherboard CD IF they are included and .... IF <---------- you have such a CD. This is one of the major caveats with buying a name-brand PC, e.g., Dell, which rarely ship such things with the machine. <img src=/S/RollEyes.gif border=0 alt=RollEyes width=19 height=19>.

    Another option is to go into Device Manager and remove ALL instances of USB (hub, etc.) from the list and reboot and let Windows reinstall them. (see the attached screenshot)

    I had a similar problem on a machine I was given to repair where the USB 2.0 ports would work intermittenly for some odd reason. Nothing I tried would fix the issue so I ended up installing a 4-port USB 2.0 PCI card. I am NOT suggesting that YOUR problem is the same but only to say that IF all other avenues to resolve the issue fail, the installation of a USB 2.0 PCI card could be your way out. <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>
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    Re: A slightly different Vista/USB issue. (Ultimat

    Thanks Pilgrim. I did that (inadvertently) as part of taking out my Teac card reader. I may try again since successful installs in Windows seem often to be install order sensitive.

    BTW, Dang!! ... it sorta happened again, just before I put this post up. Every time I post here, Vista finds it's own fix.

    My old 256Meg stick just got installed. The new Vista Ready PNY still hasn't, so I figured I'd post again.

    At least this thread is a fairly comprehensive checklist of what people have tried over the last 9 months.

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