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    Switch from ME to XP drops wireless connection (Home Edition v.2002/SP2)

    On my Toshiba Satellite 1715 laptop with Belkin G Wireless Card using Windows ME, I had a very strong 48-54mbps connection, and NEVER a dropped connection.
    When I upgraded to XP (clean install), started having the connection drop after 5-6 minutes (connection will drop every single time). My IP (AT&T) had me check all firewall/laptop/router settings, and finally threw up their hands, telling me that 'somehow' the file controlling the IP Address settings in the laptop 'must be corrupted'. (They were unable to explain just how the same laptop (using Windows ME) NEVER dropped a wireless connection.)
    For the time being--when the connection drops out--I've gotten used to going to Start>Control Panel>Network Connections, and right-clicking on the Wireless Network Connection icon for the Belkin card, and then Repair to re-establish the connection. (This will usually work for another 10 minutes or so...)
    This is--quite obviously--about to drive me nuts. Does anyone have any idea how to correct this situation? (Aside from the wireless lunacy, this old laptop runs XP like a dream...)

    Thanks for all your help.

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    Re: Switch from ME to XP drops wireless connection (Home Edition v.2002/SP

    First stop should be Belkin to see about an update for the Wireless card.

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