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    Merging Calendars (2002)

    We have 5 or 6 calendars located in public folders which need to be merged into one calendar. I exported two of the calendars into Excel and then combined the two of them. When I attempted to import the new Excel spreadsheet back to Outlook I get a message tha basically states too much information to import.

    What is the best way to merge calendars which are located in public folders? Tried use pst.file through Data management, but it doesn't let me save the calendar in question. Clicked on add button and could not give it a name or a location to save the pst.file.

    Have to admit that it has been some time since I worked with pst.files and I am probably missing some step.

    Is there a limitation in the amount fo information that can be stored in one calendar? There would be in the neighbourhood of 40 to 50 people inputting leave and other works schedule information.


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    Re: Merging Calendars (2002)

    A calendar should be able to store a *lot* of entries.
    You could set the view for the calendars to one of the list-type views, then select all items (Ctrl+A) and drag or copy/paste them to another calendar.

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