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    Need a IF AND formula (Excel 2003)

    Hi Excel Experts,

    I have a work book with name in column A and few rows of data against them. After each set, there is a blank row and the next name with a set of details in few rows.

    However there are few set of rows that do not have a name assigned to it. I need a formula to check if the the cell in Column B is blank and the cell in A is also blank, then Mention "BLANK", else the name.

    I have attached the file for your reference, also highlighted the output i need in Column A

    Looking forward to a simple IF AND formula for the same.


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    Re: Need a IF AND formula (Excel 2003)

    I wouldn't use a formula for this, since column A already contains values. Instead, run the following macro:
    Sub FillBlank()
    Dim r As Long
    Dim n As Long
    n = Cells(65536, 2).End(xlUp).Row
    For r = 2 To n
    If Cells(r, 1) = "" And Cells(r - 1, 2) = "" Then
    Cells(r, 1) = "BLANK"
    End If
    Next r
    End Sub</code>

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