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    home networking Media Center, XP home and Vista

    I'm trying to create a home network of 3 computers, 2 are desk top and 1 is a laptop. One desk top is running Media Center, One desktop is running XP home and the laptop is running Vista. I can get XP to talk to vista but vista won't talk to xp and media center won't talk to nobody. Can anyone help?

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    Re: home networking Media Center, XP home and Vist

    Good morning and welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    Since startups of networks is such a frequently asked question here, we usually ask folks to check this StarPost to see if something there will help solve the problem: <post:=589,883>post 589,883</post:>.

    Some common trouble spots are guest account, firewalls and usernames. But you ought to review as much of the list as you can. Let us know back here how it's going...

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