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    Is 'Documents and Settings' real or imaginary (Vis

    I upgraded from Win XP SP-2 + many service releases <img src=/S/time.gif border=0 alt=time width=32 height=48> to Vista Ultimate.

    I use ZipBackup. When I noticed that none of the backups were completing, I investigated the profiles and noticed a number of "Documents and Settings" entries, which were correct for XP. ZipBackup was backing up some of the D&S folders and files but didn't find others. This was kind of strange since I saw no D&S folder in the Windows Explorer window. When I entered "Cocuments and Setting" in the address bar, an "access denied" window popped up that said "Cocuments and Settings is not accessible."

    Ah, ha, it exists! So I entered "Cocuments and SettingMyUserName". Voila! The files and folder structure displayed looked just like C:UsersMyUserName. Since my 4.5GB Documents folder seemed replicated in both locations, i wondered why I couldn't just delete the D&S Documents folder. Long story short - it appears that the entries in "Cocuments and SettingMyUserName" are just links (junctions) to folders in other locations in C:UsersMyUserName and C:UsersPublic. According to the articles I skimmed, deleting files and folders in the Win XP legacy D&S folder will also delete the same ones in the in the Vista C:User folder,

    This is a little confusing because the entries in the Windows Explorer window are listed a true files and folders, which would lead one to think that they can be deleted. Now, I realize that we "users" aren't supposed to find this "invisible" folder. I performed a number of searches here in Woody's lounge for "junction" and "documents and settings" but I found no discussions so I decided to place this here for others who might encounter the same situation.

    For the errors or over simplifications in this post I apologize and look forward to replies from you MVPs and others more knowledgeable.

    For other users who are having difficult locating folders like "Shared Documents" and "Templates", I refer you to Finding the User Settings in Vista. I've attached a most useful table from that article.
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    Re: Is 'Documents and Settings' real or imaginary (Vis

    I think this has to do with Vista's new User Account Security Model. Have a look at this article (in particular the "File System and Registry Virtualization" section).
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