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    getting UserForm to popup (VBA/WORD2000/SR1)

    How do I get a combobox within a form to pop up when I create a new document from a template I created?
    I placed code to executethe Show method of the UserForm1 in the Document_New event for the template.
    I get a debug error on my statement:
    Private Sub Document_New()
    End Sub
    Ive attached a view of my VBA Project jpg format.

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    Re: getting UserForm to popup (VBA/WORD2000/SR1)

    From the view of your project and the code, the problem would seem to be that in your code you refer to the Form as frmUserForm1, although in the project window the Form is named UserForm1. Either rename the UserForm to frmUserForm1 or change the code to read UserForm1.

    Andrew C

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