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    How to auto insert name in letter? (Word 2003)

    Hi, can somebody tell me how to...

    I have to send letters out to about 60 clients to inform them of a revision in charges. I am using Microsoft Word 2003. The contents of the letter is the same for all 60 clients. To personalise the letter, I would like to add the client name and address on every letter.

    What do I have to do to print the same letter with different client names and addresses automatically as the letters are printed?

    I am using the XP OS

    Many thanks

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    Re: How to auto insert name in letter? (Word 2003)

    You should investigate the Mail Merge functionality of Word. Have a look in the Help file or go to Tools > Letters and Mailings and explore some of the options there - <img src=/S/whisper.gif border=0 alt=whisper width=29 height=17> I would start with the Letter Wizard
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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