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    Problems with IE security (IE 6 SP2)

    Version 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_qfe.0702272300
    Update Versions :; SP2;

    I need help with IE6, please. It

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    Re: Problems with IE security (IE 6 SP2)

    There was an update for Internet Explorer in March 2006 that forces users to first click on an ActiveX control to activate it, and then click on a button etc. within the control. This is because Microsoft lost a lawsuit over the use of the technology to activate ActiveX controls automatically. See Internet Explorer 6: ActiveX Update. This article contains a link to another article that explains how you as designer can restore the original behaviour: Activating ActiveX Controls (It's rather technical - if you have questions about that, you might ask in the Web Design, Coding and Scripting forum.)

    I can't help you with your first question, unfortunately, but I'm sure someone else will have a suggestion.

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