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    Recordset method? (Access 2000)

    Okay, being a neophyte of sorts, my question specifically deals with the recordset method. - What is it? and why would I want to use it. I am asuming that it is thwe ADO/DAO equivalent of a VBA method for selecting information. Perhaps an example of how I might use this method in the VBA sense of manipulating data in Access would be helpful for me? Usually, I run sql statements through VBA, but I am very interested in applying this practice through ADO. Thank you in advance for helping me to clarify this.

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    Re: Recordset method? (Access 2000)

    There isn't a recordset method, but there is a recordset object. In fact, there's a recordset object for each of the object models, but they have different properties and methods. VBA is the scripting language used by Visual Basic and all the applications that support VBA. ADO and DAO are object models. You use VBA to manipulate both object models, it isn't a case of equivalents.

    Open a bound form and you're dealing with a recordset. Run a query that returns rows and you're dealing with a recordset. If you simply set a select statement or a query for your form's recordset, you're using DAO by default because that is what's built into Jet. Creating a recordset in ADO requires code in Access unless you're using an ADP or a VB front end, where you can use a DataEnvironment that points directly to the connection and create command objects which return ... a recordset. However, in Access, forms bound to ADO recordsets are not updateable, so you must use unbound forms if you want to populate them from ADO recordsets and still update them.

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