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    Hyperlinks dont work when workbook is emailed (Excel 2007)

    I have created a workbook with HyperLinks to various files which works fine.

    When I email the workbook (and associated files) the hyperlinks still point to the original file location and will not open (as is on a separate PC).

    Is there anyway to "package" the file so that all linked documents are sent together and automatically remain linked so the recipient doesn't have to remap all of the links?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Re: Hyperlinks dont work when workbook is emailed

    Just thinking out loud...

    If the end-user could ultimately place those included files "anywhere" on their PC, the hyperlinks could not be pre-written to point to them.

    You could put the worksheet and associated files into a zip file, a program like WinZip will allow you to predetermine "default" locations for the files to unzip. As an example, you can choose to send those files to the users desktop, to their My Documents directory, etc, during the unzipping routine. Still, this is not foolproof, the user can make changes during the unzipping process or later move the files, making the hyperlinks point to nowhere...

    Don't misconstrue this as the final word; hopefully someone will chime in and point you in the proper direction.

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    Re: Hyperlinks dont work when workbook is emailed (Excel 2007)

    If the files are all in the same folder as the workbook, the hyperlinks should still work if the recipient saves all files in the same folder, even if the folder has a different name than the one you used.

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