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    CD-ROM/RW/DVD drives all hang

    I had 1 CD-ROM drive and one CD-RW drive. For quite a while now, my system has only seen one of them in Windows Explorer, but not been able to access either of them. CMOS sees them both just fine.

    I bought a new CD-RW/DVD-RW drive and took out the 2 other drives to see if that would solve my problems. It did not. I now have the following two problems:

    1. When my computer books, it hangs for about 10-15 minutes on the screen showing Windows 2000 and the status bar (about 3/4 complete). If I am patient and wait long enough, it boots properly. A friend told me it was probably looking for one of the 2 CD drives I took out. However, only the new drive shows up in Device Manager. If this is the problem, how do I get Windows to stop looking for the drive I took out? If that is not the problem, what is it?

    2. My system shows the drive in Windows Explorer (although Windows Explorer takes a long time to display this in the list of drives). However, I still cannot access it. If I click on the drive in Windows Explorer it hangs. If I try to access it from the run menu, that hangs. Same thing if I try to access it from a DOS window.

    Any ideas why my system won't see CD drives?


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    Re: CD-ROM/RW/DVD drives all hang

    As to your older drives; sure it can happen that they stop working, but both, at same time? They had been working so jumper settings would be OK, how about cable and connections. Did you check them before; unplug and reconnect when PC is turned off?

    Did you check the IDE ATA/ATAPI controller in Device Manager? Drivers, any question marks?

    The new drive; before you connected it, did you check the jumper setting on it, i.e. master or slave etc. Well, forget that, probably doesn't matter if you connect it as secondary master or slave if there is only one drive on secondary IDE. Though if reconnecting one of the old together with the new.

    You mention that BIOS did see the old ones; how is it with the new one? Some BIOS' can set not only boot order (HDD/CD/floppy etc), but also which CD drive should be first if several. Have you checked that all looks fine in BIOS with new one?

    There is a possibility to show non present devices in Device Manager. In most cases non present devices are valid entries and should be left, but if problem with installing some hardware and finding "ghost" devices it can help to remove the non present "ghost" device.

    By setting a variable at the command prompt you can then run the Device Manager and show non present devices. See my post <!post=Troubleshooting controllers and devices,475091>Troubleshooting controllers and devices<!/post>

    Non present devices appear dimmer compared to normal. But as you will see, there can be several, remember many are valid, only look for your "problem" devices. If any question, do come back.

    #1 and #2 obviously seems to be related, so solving one should probably solve the other.

    And it could maybe be a good idea to remove the new CD drive and let Windows find it again.

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