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    Vista Printing with Remote Desktop (Vista Business)

    I am working on a home network that has an XP desktop that is directly connected to a printer via USB. The cable modem is connected to a wireless router with 4 RJ-45 ports. A Vista laptop was purchased with a wireless adapter. When I configured the laptop and connected to the network there was no problem. I configured the printer on the XP machine for sharing so I could print from the laptop. After spending quite a bit of time I found the only way to make this work was to add the printer as a local rather than network printer. The printer was added locally as a new port i.e. computerprinter. Weird but OK, it is working fine.
    Now the person wants to use Remote Desktop Connection from the laptop to a business office to work and print locally. I can connect but I cannot print locally with the RDC active. Every print job lands in the queue with an "error - printing" message. If I minimize the RDC and go to a local application I can print fine. The connection and printing work fine from the XP desktop. I have also connected the laptop via a cable with the same results. If I connect the printer directly to the laptop (and install it) it prints fine.
    I believe the problem is with the way I had to add the shared printer. When you go to select a printer the shared printer is identified as being on the laptop rather than as a shared printer from the XP desktop.
    Does anyone have any thoughts on getting this laptop to print locally? It is not critical but it would be nice to be able to do it.


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    Re: Vista Printing with Remote Desktop (Vista Business)

    My printers (HP2100 and a HP1200c) are shared from XP boxes. On the laptop, I Open windows Explorer, then the network, and find the printers on the XP boxes. Right click the printer and select "Connect", this will use the drivers on the XP box(s) to run the printers.

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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