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    Importing table data from Excel (Office 2000)

    I have a number of Excel spreadsheets that I'm importing into Access as tables. They all have imported without a problem except one. The one that I'm having a problem with has 11 columns and 4600 rows. All columns accept one import without a problem. The one I'm having a problem with gives me a "Type Conversion Failure" on 2675 of the rows. The column is labeled "NumericField". This column has mostly three digit numbers in it, but a few of the numbers have a letter in them. Some of the rows with numbers and letters import and some don't. The cell attributes are set to "General". Before I manually enter 2675 numbers, can anyone help me fix this import error?

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    Re: Importing table data from Excel (Office 2000)

    Try inserting a dummy row immediately below the field names in the Excel worksheet in which each field has a value of the desired type, e.g. the number 1 in number columns and the text aaaa in text columns (including the problem column). This will hopefuly force Access to use the correct field type. You can delete the dummy record from the imported table.

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