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    SD Card Formatting Incompatibility

    Can someone tell me why, ALL OF A SUDDEN, the SD card formattings of my laptop and my Ipaq (both with SD Card slots in them) are not being recognized by each other?

    i.e. I format the thing when it's in my Ipaq, and when I insert it into my laptop and try to access it, I'm asked if i want to format the card, and vica versa. This just started to happen. Now, I don't know what to believe. Is it my Ipaq that's screwing it up? or my desktop? or what. I'm also experiencing some "IO device errors" when trying to copy files to the card via my laptop. Is this pointing to the card or my laptop's card reader/writer?

    I'm using a "U-TEK" 4GB SD (NOT SDHC, as the Ipaq I have does not support SDHC), which I was told was made by the same manufacturer as Sandisk.
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    Re: SD Card Formatting Incompatibility

    This seems a duplicate/carry-on from <!post=SD Card Problems,660919>SD Card Problems<!/post> - please post further responses to that post.

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