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    Combo box/macros not working through IE (2000 SR1 & 97 SR2)


    I have several Excel forms to post on our Intranet server. These are pay office forms for overtime claims, etc and they contain drop-down lists and macros.

    The forms were created in Excel 2000, and when opened in any version of Excel, they work perfectly - the user can select from the drop down lists, the VBA macro fills in correct values and so on.

    When I post the same forms to the Intranet server, however, people with Excel 97 cannot drop down the selection lists, and the macros don't run. Excel 2000 works fine.

    These same users can save the form to their hard drive, open it through Excel 97 and it will work, but it will not work when it is opened under Internet Explorer!

    Of course, I could upgrade all users to 2000, but I don't have enough licenses for that option.

    Does anyone have any ideas? MS Knowledgebase certainly doesn't.



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    Re: Combo box/macros not working through IE (2000 SR1 & 97 SR2)

    I think the problem is that Excel is running inside IE. With Excel 97, VBA gets confused as to which application the code is refering to. It wants to run in IE instead of Excel, which is not what you intended. I guess they have fixed it in O2000.
    I can't find the exact Q but I remember reading it, because we had a similar problem. I haven't tired it with 2000 yet.
    We have added a note saying that the spreadsheet may not work inside the browser, so right-click and save Target as.
    Not overly helpful though.

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    Re: Combo box/macros not working through IE (2000 SR1 & 97 SR2)

    You know, I had a funny feeling it would be one of those ones that didn't have a solution...


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