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    Table/Cell Copy (Word 2002 SP3)

    A coworker of mine says that she had learned a keyboard shortcut that when you were in a table and highlighted a cell with text in it and also highlighted empty cells that you wanted to fill with the same text, you pressed this keyboard combination and presto, the cells filled with duplicate info.

    I personally don't see why Ctrl C, Ctrl V aren't quick enough, but she's an x-WordPerfect users who's still kicking and screaming about our change to Word, although it's been 3 years now, and I like to show her Word can do anything WordPerfect did, so help me out if you can please!

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    Re: Table/Cell Copy (Word 2002 SP3)

    Are you sure she doesn't confuse Word with Excel? In Excel, you can use Ctrl+D to fill down a value or formula.

    There is no built-in command or keyboard shortcut for this in Word. One can either use copy and paste, or write a macro and assign a keyboard shortcut to the macro. (Post back if you would like help with the macro).

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