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    screen freezes (winxpsp2)

    I had noticed that on one previous occasion, when the system was rebooted, it claimed that it could not read the RAID files. When clicking "ignore", everything passed. AFter rebooting another day, that indication did on recur. The keystone problem occured when, while using word as the outlook email editor, the screen froze. The system then became unstable in the sense that the stuff on the screen was flashing in and out and the hard disk was making a loud click for each cycle. It would not turn off so I clicked the power switch. I then tried to reboot, checkdisk claimed that the disk required checking, but checkdisk was then aborted, but I had the same sort of behaviour: the screen kept going on and off. I tried switching to another user id. That worked fine. Next, I scanned with Norton anti-virus. No results. I then put the OS disk onto a new blank hd with the aid of Acronis. When that boots up, the original account keeps bringing up the MS screen that says that it is sorry that Windows Explorer has made an error and will turn off. The screen then goes blank for a moment and, a few seconds after it comes back, another similar message appears. The interesting part is that Windows Explorer is not shown on task manager screen as an active task. One possibly irrelevant thing: on the account where all these things occur, the display seems normal. Switching to another account that works ok brings up a message on the display saying "signal over range". I can find no reference to that in the display literature so quien sabe?

    I also should mention that after I cloned the os disk to a new disk most of the programs that are listed on the desktop do not work on the original account. They start but poop out before coming up. Also on the cloned disk I tried to repair the operating system with the MS installation disk. That tried to repair and eventually resulted in a new installation that has the same characteristics.

    The thing I really dont understand is how this problem can be limited to one user account. That must be a key clue, but not to me.

    Obviously I need a suggestion re how to approach the problem since I have no more ideas. Anyone need a challenge?

    I hope

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    Re: screen freezes (winxpsp2)

    When you <big>cloned </big> the OS with Acronis, you probably just moved all of the corrupt data from the old to the new HD.
    If you had an <big>IMAGE of the HD from when it was running fine </big> that should not have happened.

    It sounds like your old HD went bad ( clicking ) and was just trying to recover but couldn't do it.

    I think you have dug yourself a hole too deep to get out of. My suggestion is to do a CLEAN reinstall of Windows, not a repair.

    I know it's a real hassle to do this and have to reinstall all of your apps but I really don't think you have much choice at this point. <img src=/S/sorry.gif border=0 alt=sorry width=15 height=15>

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