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    series order problem (2002 SP3)

    I would like to change the series order for my data. I found the following advise in this forum
    "Select any series on the chart and dbl-click it.
    then select the 'series order" tab
    Select the series to move
    press <moveup> to move them to the bottom of the table'

    However, I can't seem to get it to work. I have graphs of various years data,
    I want to drop 2003-04 data off and add 2007-08. I just switched the line numbers of the data source, but now 2007-08 appears before 2004-05.
    Everytime I doubleclick on the data series, the SourceData window closes. I can't seem to get a series order tabe to appear.

    Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong?


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    Re: series order problem (2002 SP3)

    You're supposed to double-click a series in the chart itself, not in the Source Data dialog.
    Instead of double-clicking, you can also click on a data series (in the chart), then select Format | Selected Data Series...
    The Format Data Series dialog has a tab "Series Order".

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