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    Getting Web Form Data into Access (2000)

    Outrigger (a handy web form data collecting service) that seamlessly integrated with Access is shutting down.

    I need to figure out how to collect data from web forms and get it into Access without having to re-key it. I am hoping to avoid having to having to write cgi scripts.

    Any suggestions are welcome!

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    Re: Getting Web Form Data into Access (2000)

    I don't know if my suggestion will be an option for you, but I've recently discovered the beauty of ASP/ADO. It's not very difficult to link to an Access database to enter/edit/add records via web browser.

    The place that got me started with ASP is <A target="_blank" HREF=>W3Schools Online Tutorials</A>.

    Of course, if that's too much of a headache, you can use the Active Data Pages built into Access...

    HTH <img src=/S/thumbup.gif border=0 alt=thumbup width=15 height=15>

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