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    Excel's Automatic color setting (Office 97)

    In my work (financial publications) our standard colour is a very dark blue. We have changed the color pallete to suit our needs. However, for any adhoc text, borders, areas etc, we cannot change the "Automatic" setting from Black to Blue. Anyone know the secret to this one?

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    Re: Excel's Automatic color setting (Office 97)

    Right click on your desktop and select Properties from the pop up menu. In the properties window, click on the Apparence tab. In the Item combo box select Window. Then next to the Font you should be able to change the font color.
    Legare Coleman

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    Re: Excel's Automatic color setting (Office 97)

    Unbelievable! For a long time I have been hitting blank walls in this quest! Then last night, way after midnight, I stumbled on the answer myself. Then this morning I find your answer on the board!! Fateful.

    Many thanks Legare. I discovered that this font variable also determines Auto color for borders and shadings in Word/Excel. I also found where these settings are kept in the Registry and have exported them for use in colleagues' PCs. All in all, a fruitfal call to Woody's mates!

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