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    distribution list from Categories (XP sr2)

    I am trying to create a distribution list (I'm new to these). In my contacts, I have contacts all categorized. I want to easily send a group mailing to a particular category in my contacts. This "work" category has all the people I want to send an email too, but I can't figure out how to make a distribution list from this category.

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    Re: distribution list from Categories (XP sr2)

    It's not really necessary to create distribution lists for that. To send mail to all contacts in a category:
    - Activate Contacts/
    - Select View | Current View | By Category.
    - Click the category you want to send an e-mail to.
    - Select Actions | New Message to Contact.

    If you prefer to create a distribution list, this article describes a "slightly roundabout" way to do it. Please be aware that once the distribution list has been created, it isn't linked to the category, so if you add or remove the category from contacts, the distribution list won't be updated.

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    Re: distribution list from Categories (XP sr2)

    Rick, Outlook doesn't seem to have an easy way to create a Distribution List (DL) from a selected list of Contacts( whether by Category or other criteria). I guess that their reasoning is that you can more easily filter on the Category (or other criteria), select all the members of the Category, and then select "New mail message to ...", as is explained here in slipstick. One advantage of this technique is that it won't need to be refreshed, where DLs need to be maintained/refreshed as contacts change.

    If it's important to have a category based DL, some Lounger could probably write VBA code for you.
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