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    Re: CompletePC backup (utlimate)

    Joe, call me paranoid if you must, but I'm going to edit your post above to remove the quoted text because of this specific copyright notice at the bottom of the referenced URL:
    <hr>All contents copyright 2007 Mark Minasi. You are encouraged to quote this material, SO LONG as you include this entire document; thanks. <hr>
    For Loungers reading Joe's post and checking the link he points out, he was attempting to lead us to a section that starts with an upper case, bold title of: TECH SECTION and runs as far as two bolded sub-paragraphs.

    Sorry Joe, I hope I'm not overreacting here, but the entire link IS worth a read!

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    CompletePC backup (utlimate)

    Some good information from Mark Minasi's Windows Networking Tech Page Newsletter #63 July 2007


    Edited by Big Al to remove copyrighted text. Please see my <post:=662,059>post 662,059</post:> below.

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    Re: CompletePC backup (ultimate)


    I appreciate it very much that you provided a link to that article. I had used the "file and folder" backup part of "CompletePC Backup" although I didn't even realize that's what it was called. It took forever it seemed to backup about 7 gigs of data and so I simply put that utility out to pasture and thought I would never use it again. BUT.... after reading the article I was motivated to take a closer look at "CompletePC Backup" again; reading through the several topics on it in Vista's "Help & Support". Doing so piqued my curiosity enough that I ran the complete system backup wizard to backup my "C:" drive where I have Vista installed. It only took about 10 minutes to backup the entire system of 23 gigs and compressed the file about 40%-45%. I was impressed.

    The bonus, of course, is that one can allegedly use that backup to restore to a totally different PC or the original PC with different hardware without incident. IF <------- it actually works, then it's a keeper and I'll be running it manually on a monthly basis or perhaps even create a schedule to do that.

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