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    HTML Editor (IE 6 )

    On the IE toolbar there is a Word icon that you can select to use Word as an HTML editor. We have one user who doesn't have the option to select Word as an html editor. When other users log on to the same machine they do have access to Word as an html editor.

    Is the fact that one user having access and another not related to a user's profile on an Exchange Server, or is there some setting in IE that we are missing when the user who cannot access Word as html opens IE?


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    Re: HTML Editor (IE 6 )

    Let the user check the following settings:

    1) In Word:
    - Select Tools | Options...
    - Activate the General tab.
    - Click "Web Options...".
    - Activate the Files tab.
    - If the check box "Check if Word is the default editor for all other Web pages" isn't ticked, do so now.
    - Click OK, confirm if asked, click OK.

    2) In Internet Explorer:
    - Select Tools | Internet Options...
    - Activate the Programs tab.
    - Select Microsoft Word in the HTML Editor dropdown list.
    - Click OK.

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