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    Help with new Database (2003)


    I am in the process of trying (?) to design a new database. I have created a main form so that a user can input budget information. The form has six fields. I need to create an budget input form so that everytime there is a change in the Grantee Name or Contract Number or fiscal year or program information selected by the user, they would get a blank new subform to input new information. I would get a new subform to input new budget numbers. For example say I have the company "test" and they have two budgets for two programs for the same fiscal year, I need to get a subform for each base on the selection by the user. Another example, each budget is by year, so if the year changes, I need to get a blank subform to enter a new budget. What is the best way to do this? Any ideas will be great. Basically I am trying to design an accounting and tracking system, but I am having a difficult time. I also don't know if my tables are set up correctly or the relationships right. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Help with new Database (2003)

    You should carefully think out the data design before continuing. While doing this, you should keep the basic principles of relational database design in mind. Many books about Access contain an introduction on data design, and Microsoft has a nice free download: Understanding Relational Database Design.

    I suspect that you have several many-to-many relationships as defined in that paper.

    For example, there could be several fiscal years for the same grantee name, and several grantee names can have a record for the same fiscal year.

    Such a relationship requires an intermediate table that lists the combinations, in the example combinations of grantee name and fiscal year.

    See the database attached to <post#=364,203>post 364,203</post#> - it provides an example of such a setup.

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