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    Word losing Format & Language Info (WinXPSP2, Word 2003 (11.8134.8132) SP2

    Dear Sirs,
    Word has been 'acting up' for a while. I run "Detect and Repair", but nothing ever gets better. Here are my current developments.
    I was typing using a particular para structure - justified, 6 pts after each para, and 24 in line spacing area, using a type size of 20. As I continued typing on the 3rd or 4th page, I realized that somehow my formatting had been dropped. The spacing changed, and the justification had been dropped. I went back and fixed it.

    Another file I have been working on today presented different problems. I am working with 3 languages - Sanskrit (which I list under Spanish), Spanish, and English.
    I copied this listing of Names and definitions from a Publisher file (not my own). I had the Language option set on "Automatically Detect Language", so that when I typed in the English, it would recognize it. But it didn't - either with 'Detect automatically' on or off. I can put in the English, highlight the sentence I typed, select the language, and another minute later (or 5, it differs all the time) I notice that the sentences on the previous lines have red underlines. The language has switched back to either Spanish Costa Rica (which is what I use) or Spanish-Modern Spain (which is what the Publisher document must have had). I go back and highlight each sentence again (last time I had to re-do 48 sentences on different lines) (this is time-consuming). I save every time I type a sentence.

    Also, I will go to the next line, place a carriage return after the Sanskrit to place the Spanish on the next line, format the line, go to the end of the line, space, select the font I will be using, and Save. I go to another file that gives detailed explanations of what I need to describe in a few short words, and when I come back to my file, the font is no longer my selection and I have to select it again. Then I will notice that again, previous sentences have been switched back to another language. But not every sentence has reverted - a couple sentences are still okay.

    I have tried correcting this by working both with "Detect automatically" and with that unchecked. The only thing that this setting helps, is to give me the languages I am currently using in the document at the top (or not)- but neither setting saves my specifically-selected language for a sentence for 'all time' so to speak.

    This is getting a bit much, I gotta' say. I need to include these pages in a songbook that was just completed (until, of course, the group decided to add some things!). I need to know that my document will have the format that I have selected - the hanging or non-hanging indents, the tabs, the whatevers.
    Can somebody help?

    Thank you very much,
    Julia Henson

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    Re: Word losing Format & Language Info (WinXPSP2, Word 2003 (11.8134.8132)

    I wonder whether Word is doing this because the option to automatically update styles is selected?

    To qote the Word Help file:

    1. If the Styles and Formatting task pane is not open, click Styles and Formatting on the Formatting toolbar.
    2. Right-click the style you want to have Microsoft Word automatically update.
    3. Click Modify.
    4. Select the Automatically update check box.
    From now on, Word will automatically redefine the style you selected whenever you apply manual formatting to any paragraph with this style.

    Could it be that Word keeps changing the language for other paras in the same style because this option is set?


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    Re: Word losing Format & Language Info (WinXPSP2, Word 2003 (11.8134.8132)


    I think your safest option will be to define three different styles, that are identical except for the Language setting. Then apply the correct style to each line.


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