Dear Sirs,
Explorer has changed the default directory when I am saving or opening files. For instance, if I am scanning some files into Adobe Acrobat as PDF files and save to a certain directory, previously, when I save another file, the Directory shows the last Directory I accessed. This same change happens when I save a file in Excel, Word or from Outlook ('printing' emails as MDI files or ?). This is time-consuming, because the Default is a listing of folders on the C: drive which I never use. I have to click on the down arrow, select "My Computer", select my E: drive, which I use for my data, then select my folder again, etc. Every time.

It used to go back to the Directory showing the last folder I saved to or opened. Is there some way I can get it to go back to the way it used to work?

I will mention here, that I just placed new posts for Internet Explorer and Word, because of difficulties I am having with them that are also unusual. I mentioned in one, that I have several Safeguards to my system, including CounterSpy, ZoneAlarmPro, Kaspersky AntiVirus Pro, WinPatrol and HijackThis. I think I maintain my safeguards better than many I have heard of. I had thought it was adequate.

Can anyone give me some clues as to what I can do to correct these inconveniences?
Thank you,
Julia Henson