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    Form Fields - Required (2000)

    I've been asked to make a form field required and can't seem to find a way to do it? Any suggestions.

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    Re: Form Fields - Required (2000)

    I'm assuming that we are talking about an "online form" - one made using the Forms toolbar.

    Have an on-exit macro (set in field's properties) that checks whether or not the field has been filled in. If it has, advance to next field, if not, go back to originating field. You probably want to have a third option to abandon the form.

    For more about forms, follow the links at <A target="_blank" HREF=>Web Resources - Forms</A>.

    If you need help constructing the macro, write back.
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    Re: Form Fields - Required (2000)

    Thanks. I should have thought of that one myself. I did create the macro and it works perfectly

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