Hi All,

We often revise Word documents and use Track Changes to show where the changes were from the previous version of the document.

Once we issue the document, however, we incorporate all the changes. But subsequent readers (not reviewers) still benefit from being able to see in one place a table of changes made from the previous version. This table usually appears at the beginning of the document.

While we have a version that has the changes, is there a way to capture the information in the "change balloons" and put into a table?

Even if so, capturing the information in the change balloons would provide too much info - we really don't care about capturing correction of typos.

So what I'm looking for is a way when a change is being made to allow the author to indicatge whether the change should be captured and a few words that summarizes the change.

I'm thinking of using the TOA feature to mark the change if needed. I would not want the entry to show up in the text but not sure how to do that (other than using hidden text). The author of the document could then take the info from the TOA and create our real "table of changes" (or the info for a row in a table of change history, where each row is a new version), which usually is in the body of the document as one of the first sections.

Any one done something similar to this or have other ideas on how to proceed?