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    Snapshot file problem with GroupWise 7.0 (Access 2002, SP3)

    I have a command button on an Access form containing the following code designed to email a snapshot of a report:
    DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "FirstPage", acFormatSNP, "", , , "IEP report completed for " & Me.FirstName & " " & Me.LastName , False, " "

    It was working fine with Version 6.5 of GroupWise. After installation of GroupWise 7.0, the email is sent but if you right click on the attachment, you receive the following error message "An error occurred while opening a snapshot file"

    I can click the button on a computer that does not have GroupWise 7.0 installed and then open it with 7.0 and it opens just fine. We also tried reinstalling the snapshot viewer after the GroupWise 7.0 installation but that did not seem to help. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Re: Snapshot file problem with GroupWise 7.0 (Access 2002, SP3)

    The problem seems to be with Groupwise, not with Access or with the snapshot viewer. I'd contact Novell.

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