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    Windows Vista Boot Configuration editor: EasyBCD

    For all those setting up a Windows XP/Vista dual boot PC, or anyone who wants to tweak the Vista bootloader. Or for that matter dual with Linux etc. have a look at EasyBCD (at present ver. 1.6).

    Instead of using MS Boot Configuration Data Editor (a.k.a. bcdedit.exe) in Vista, or the simple options in System > Advanced system settings > Startup and Recovery, this one adds more options, as well as being more user friendly as it seems. As to user friendly, anyone remember Edlin in DOS? <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

    EasyBCD is a freeware application.
    <hr>EasyBCD is NeoSmart Technologies' multiple award-winning answer to tweaking the new Windows Vista bootloader. With EasyBCD, almost anything is possible. Setting up and configuring Windows boot entries is simple, and there is no easier way to quickly boot right into Linux, Mac OS X, or BSD straight from the Windows Vista bootloader - on the fly, no expert knowledge needed!<hr>
    <hr>Automated MBR and BCD backups, boot sector restore kits, support for a dozen+ operating systems, detailed configuration of all boot entries, and award-winning guaranteed technical support is what makes EasyBCD stand out - all for free!<hr>
    Have not tried it yet.

    EasyBCD 1.6

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    Re: Windows Vista Boot Configuration editor: EasyB

    Since you're still in the "trying" stages, may I point out that <!profile=Pilgrim>Pilgrim<!/profile> gave us a link to VistaBootPRO in his <post:=608,149>post 608,149</post:> last October. I installed it when I received the Vista Beta and it's still running, although I've not yet upgraded my beta Vista to the live version.

    I think I'll also give your find a look as well. Thanks!

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