PC was originally purchased from Carrera Feb 05. Since then I've added 2Gb RAM and replaced the DVD RW but otherwise have left it alone. Am now upgrading - starting with PSU. PSU installation went fine, but has raised a query re graphics card.

The card is an ATI Radeon X800XT 256 MB DDR DVI VIVO on an ASUS P5AD2 Deluxe M/Board. PCIE X16 slot. It requires an additional power supply.

Graphics card manual offered two solutions: (1) use a y-splitter and share with the HDD (2) direct connection with the PSUs "6 pin power cable connector". The original PSU did not have a 6-pin and was set up as per 1.

The new PSU has 2 PCI-e 6-Pin connectors labelled P4 and P5. Each has 6 wires 3 yellow, 3 black. P4 Yellows are all +12V1. P5 Yellows are all +12V2. Black wires are all GND. Which of these should I use please?

The original connection piece from the graphic card to the y-splitter has 'six pins' but only three wires 2 yellow, 1 black.

Any help much appreciated. Meantime I have coupled the graphics card back up using the y-splitter configuration and it works fine.