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    Word's 'Versions' Feature (2003 SP 2)

    I seem to remember reading, maybe as far back as Office 97?, that the "Versions" feature of Word was unstable and prone to corrupting documents. Is this still true for 2003, or is the feature reliable now? How robust is it?

    Also, does anybody have any knowledge of limitations/problems with custom document properties? I'm building a template and one of the things I'm considering is using custom doc props to store meta-data t carry with the documents. However, the number of potential values I might need to create is very high (tracking all prior "final" revision dates and the user name in play when the revision was made). I'm already using some with great success, but I'm worried that the sheer volume of metadata I'm looking to store might be dangerous/stupid.

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    Re: Word's 'Versions' Feature (2003 SP 2)

    I must admit that I never use the Versions feature; although I'm not certain I fear that it's still a potential cause of corruption in Word 2003.
    You shouldn't have a problem adding tens of custom document properties. I've never tried adding thousands...

    It might be worthwhile reviewing whether you really need all that extra information. In my experience, managers often claim they need it, then never use it.

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