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    It seems the only time I notice Java running is when I had some ad-ware on my system. Is Java really a necessary software I need to keep? Are there any "useful" websites that use Java? I use "useful" loosely, as I'm sure every website is useful, depending on your perspective.

    I've got some ad-ware I can't seem to get rid of, even after running Spy-bot, The Shield Pro virus software and CCleaner to clear all cookies, etc.

    Will an ad-ware software do anything different than anti-virus and anti-spyware?

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    Re: Java

    Yes, Java can be very useful. For example, many websites explaining mathematics and physics use Java to provide interactive graphics such as drawing curves, etc.

    Many anti-virus programs nowadays also offer protection against spyware and adware, but dedicated anti-spyware programs usually don't protect against viruses.

    I'd download and install HiJackThis from (free).
    The result of running this program is a log that can be analyzed online, for example HijackThis Logfileauswertung or HiJackThis! Log auto analyzer V2, or by experts at the SWI Forums.

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