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    Nice Excel Resource (...)
    <hr>This web site contains over 200 pages that together cover all aspects of Excel. The content is aimed at the intermediate level user. Much of the content is VBA code, and those pages assume that you are conversationally familiar with VBA programming. I have been a professional computer programmer for almost 20 years, ten years of that in the VB/VBA/Excel world. The topics presented on the site are drawn from real world experience. There are approximately 150 download files, which include sample workbooks, VB/VBA modules, and compiled DLL files.<hr>
    I've just subscribed to their weekly newsletter.

    The site isn't visually quite appealing, but scroll down a little bit and check out what you inadvertently might think to be Google Ads in the right frame -- in fact they're Excel articles.
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    Re: Nice Excel Resource (...)

    Hi Diegol

    Yep, good ol' Chip Pearson he is a mainstay of the Excel community and a fantastic resource.

    If in doubt, or unsure I always have a look at the topic page at:

    Many a time has he got me out of a fix <img src=/S/grin.gif border=0 alt=grin width=15 height=15>

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