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    Table of Contents (2003 SP2)

    I have a table with about 30 fields where every second field is a text field and every other field is a memo field. The text fields will be used for headings on report and the memo fields will be used for paragraphs. Most of it is for adhoc reporting although there will be some data fields here and there as well as some charts.

    I need to create a table of contents report using only some of the text fields but how can I set it up to create a TOC out of this? I figure that if a use a check box for the user to select whether a each heading is to appear in the TOC but is there to determine which page a field appears on in a report? Or is there a better method?

    I've checked out the Microsoft Knowledge Base article about TOC's but that is a very different table setup.


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    Re: Table of Contents (2003 SP2)

    Your table structure makes it difficult. I'd either use a table with a separate record for each heading and the corresponding text, or one table for the headings and another table for the text beloning to a heading. You can then use the technique described in ACC2000: How to Create a Table of Contents or Index for a Report (works in Acess 2002 and 2003 too).

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