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    Stop Exporting Blank Values into Excel (Access 2003)

    I am trying to export tables and queries from an Access database into Excel so that I can use the Excel features. However, when the table or query table is exported, blank cells that are part of the table seem to be registering as a valued cell. That is, if I use a COUNTA function on one of the columns of the table in Excel it counts all of the records and not just the records that have actual values in the cells. If I go to the "blank" cells and press DELETE, the COUNTA function doesn't count that cell like it is supposed to.

    How can I get a "cleaner" export into Excel.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Stop Exporting Blank Values into Excel (Access 2003)

    This happens frequently when exporting from databases to Excel (not just from Access). I don't think there is anything you can do on the Access side. You can run a macro in Excel to clear such cells - see <post#=136,921>post 136,921</post#> by Legare Coleman.

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