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Thread: SD Card Locked

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    SD Card Locked

    I have a 2GB SD card that I use in my camera. It's worked fine for about 6 or 8 months and then all of a sudden the other day, I kept getting a message on the camera that said that the card was locked. I tried sliding the lock tab up and down but it didn't seem to make any difference. I have tried it in the card slot of my computer and it wouldn't open the card there either.

    Is there a way to fix it, or at least get the pictures off of it (fortunately, I think that I have already downloaded most of them)? Thanks.

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    Re: SD Card Locked

    From here......
    "many sd card locks are made of plastic so they dont exactly reach the other pin inside so... if you are prepared you can take it apart and have it permanently unlocked or locked but i would recommend that you see a professional (like me XD)

    or simple enough get a small pin or needle and force the slider up as far as possible but that doesnt always work good luck"

    It is also possible that the card is corrupt or otherwise damaged. See the review here.....
    "I won't be buying sandisk again. The lock/unlock tab has broken after only 6 months meaning the card is permenently locked. I've only used this part of the card maybe 5 or 6 times."
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