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    Excel Import - Clean Blank Data (Excel 2003)

    I have exported tables and query tables from an Access 2003 database into Excel to leverage the Excel functionalities. As I am doing a simple COUNTA function on the columns, it is counting blank cells. When I click on those cells to check what value (a space maybe), nothing is there. The COUNTA function won't stop counting the blank cell unless I press F2 while on the cell or Delete. How can I get a cleaner export or what is the fastest way to clean up the file and ensure blank cells are truly blank?

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    Re: Excel Import - Clean Blank Data (Excel 2003)

    You already asked this in the Access forum and I posted a reply there. To prevent further duplication, I'm locking this thread. Please post all replies in the thread starting at <post:=664,378>post 664,378</post:>.

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