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    Counting Within a Field (2003)

    Howdy folks:

    Pardon my greenness, I'm just learning Access. I have what I hope is a basic question. I have a spreadsheet with 115,000 entries. They're codes for businesses. I'm trying to sort to see what business appears the most. Is there a simple way to run that analysis?

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    Re: Counting Within a Field (2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    You can do this in a query:
    - Create a new query in design view, based on your table (I assume that's what you meant by 'spreadsheet').
    - Select View | Totals to change the query to a Totals query.
    - Add the field identifying the business to the query grid (Business code, or business name, or something similar).
    - Add the same field a second time.
    - Change the Total option for this second column from the default Group By to Count.
    - Set the Sort Order for the second column to Descending.
    - Switch to datasheet view to see the result. With 115,000 records, this may take a little while.

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