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    MSDE vs SQL (Jet 4)

    I'm considering scaling up one of my db's from JET 4.0. Reasons, more user traffic and remote access (a problem that I am just beginning to work on).
    What I'm wondering is if I should hop to MSDE or go directly to SQL.

    What do your experiences suggest?
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    Re: MSDE vs SQL (Jet 4)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by gdrezek on 10-Sep-07 15:17. corrected the abbrev. of SSMS)</P>I would (and do myself) consider sql express 2005, rather than the msde. The "friendliest" reason is sqlexpress 2005 comes with SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) express. Unless you would happen to have the installation disks for SQL Server 2000 and are able to load Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer, you do not get a gui for msde. They have also added a bunch more functionality to express, such as Integration, Reporting and Analysis services. It is very much more secure than the msde as well.
    I can elaborate more if you have any specific questions, but from my point of view, there is no comparison.........sqlserver express 2005 sp2 is the way to go......and like the msde, it's free also!
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    Re: MSDE vs SQL (Jet 4)

    I agree with Gary's suggestion - use SQL Server 2005 Express. The MSDE is really not very friendly to use, and has very few administrative tools, unless you consider TSQL friendly. We have several clients using SQL 2005 and find it good from a performance perspective as well as having nice admin tools. I'm also intrigued by your remote access comment - is this to support a web site, or do you need to do admin remotely. If it's the latter, we have two client systems we do admin work for that are remote, one with Express and one with the Workgroup version, and remote desktop works like a champ. Try it - I think you will like it.

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